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Sea Gull Lighting: Pay NO duty, Brokerage Fees & Taxes

About Sea Gull Lighting

Sea Gull Lighting was started in 1919 by Henry Siegel when he realized that his eye for lighting design was extremely influential. After World War II, rationing ended and as a result, households rapidly increased the market for every consumer product. This led to a high demand for homes and household good throughout the country. Siegel took this to his advantage and created affordable lighting fixtures for every home.

Since then, Sea Gull Lighting has expanded itself and has secured the spot as one of the top manufactures in the lighting industry. Sea Gull Lighting's philosophy for business is unique to the way they handle business. Their philosophy is to design and build quality, fashionable products; be ready to satisfy the market’s taste in décor, and to give employees, distributors, and builders the tools to succeed. By maintaining their mission, Sea Gull Lighting has become one of the most recognizable names in the lighting market.

Every Sea Gull Lighting product is created and built to replicate or exceed the latest styles in lighting design. Sea Gull Lighting has also taken steps in manufacturing fixtures that are up to date with the latest codes and techniques. Equipped with some of the most talented lighting designers, an eye is always kept on the fast paced lifestyle and design taste. Products stay up to date with current styles, and trend watchers are always searching for uniqueness in lighting components, finishes, and ways of manufacturing. Sea Gull Lighting wants to equip you with lighting essentials that will not only create your ideal environment, but will also assist you in increasing the value of your home or business.

Sea Gull Lighting stays committed to their team and customers. As a family based company, Sea Gull Lighting stays committed to producing decorative and functional lighting and ceiling products that fit into every lifestyle. Sea Gull Lighting aims to be the brand of choice for homes, supplier of choice for distributors, and employer of choice for employees. They seek out customers as the perfect opportunity to showcase their high quality products. Customer satisfaction is key in order to differentiate themselves from competitors, as well as improve their value proposition.

By focusing on the fundamentals of customer service, disciplined financial management, reliable and innovative products, and a willingness to learn, Sea Gull Lighting has more than just made an impression on the lighting industry. This top brand has found its way into the lives of families and businesses over the past 80 years.

At Canada Lighting Experts, we hope that you have an enjoyable time looking through our Sea Gull Lighting products. If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to call. We offer our customers exclusive benefits that can only be found with us. For more inquiries on benefits, or if you have any questions, our lighting professionals are available to assist you at 1-855-234-7565.