Patio Umbrellas: Pay NO duty, Brokerage Fees & Taxes

About Patio Umbrellas

Summer can be fun, but sunburns aren’t. Patio umbrellas provide some nice shading to your outdoor space for those warm and sunny days out on the patio. We carry a massive selection of patio umbrellas from some of the best manufacturers in the industry to help meet your patio shading needs. While shopping for a patio umbrella, there are a few questions to have in mind.

First question is whether you want a residential umbrella or a commercial umbrella. Commercial umbrellas are very durable and are ideal for use by restaurants and other commercial businesses. Residential umbrellas are also durable but do not carry the extensive list of features a commercial umbrella would.

Next question to consider is where you are going to be using your patio umbrella. Several different sizes are available for areas ranging from small patio table or beach umbrellas, to large poolside or dining area umbrellas. Our patio umbrellas range from 6-foot, 7-8 foot, 9-10 foot, to even 13-foot and larger.

After type and size are determined, the next choice to make is material. Wood, aluminum and fiber glass patio umbrellas all have their own quality and even their own unique characteristics and features, such as crank, tilt, pulley lifts, wind resistance and more.

There’s more choice and fun to be had in selecting your perfect patio umbrella. Cantilever umbrellas, freestanding umbrellas, table umbrellas and offset umbrellas are all offered as part of our huge selection of patio umbrellas.

To fit with your outdoor area’s style and color scheme, we have hundreds of fabric options of all different colors, as well as themed umbrellas including logos from brands such as Miller Genuine Draft, Geroge Killian's, Molson Canadian, and Cinzano.

An often overlooked part of the patio umbrella shopping process is how your patio umbrella will be kept in place. To help solve that issue, we offer stands and bases to secure your patio umbrella and keep it from tilting or blowing away in the wind.

We hope you find the perfect patio umbrella for your patio shading needs.