Patio Shades: No Shipping Fees, Broker Fees, Duties or Taxes!

About Patio Shades

Hot weathers can keep you inside you home avoiding the heat, Patio Shades are the ideal outdoor and patio solution when you just want to enjoy the fresh air. All shades and covers are made of breathable fabrics that aid air flow, keeping your patio cool and your pool fresh. Our shades are weather and rust resistant to last any weather conditions.

Patio Shades can significantly reduce cooling costs and create a comfortable atmosphere where you can relax with your family. Many of our patio shades reduce glare and UV rays without losing your natural light, creating an inviting outdoor environment.

We offer a variety of contemporary Custom Shade Sails like our Rectangle Commercial Grade Shade Sail, Triangle Shade Sails and the Square Shade Sails that can fit into any unique style your outdoor environment needs.

Our Coolaroo brand offers a variety of Shade and Sun Sails that will add that unique touch to your outdoors with vibrant colors like our Triangle Sails. All their shades provide shading for all your outdoor activities, and protection from sun rays.

Bring your Patios back to life with the variety of Patio Shades we provide.