Patio Heaters: Pay NO duty, Brokerage Fees & Taxes

About Patio Heaters

Cold weather shouldn’t keep you and your guests from enjoying your patio area. With patio heaters, you can warm up your outdoor area to a nice comfortable temperature, allowing you to get more enjoyment out of your patio. Patio heaters raise the outdoor temperature 10-25 degrees F* and come with adjustable control switches, allowing you to set your patio heater to just the right output.

We offer several types of electric patio heaters for several different types of uses. Freestanding patio heaters can also make a nice patio centerpiece, while wall and ceiling mount heaters don’t take up ground space. For a more portable option, look for a tabletop heater. We also carry a large selection of accessories for patio heaters, including controls and replacement parts.

Our top brands for patio heaters are Infratech and Solaira. Infratech offers a wide variety of slim and energy efficient patio heaters that are great for both residential and commercial applications. Solaira heaters are also energy efficient as well as versatile, the Alpha series being rain and snow resistant.

Bring summer back to your backyard with one of our many selections of patio heaters.

*Actual temperature change depends on heating output, model, weather conditions, and installation of the patio heater.