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Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting is no longer a standard use for your kitchen island. Pendants have now evolved into utilitarian fixtures with decorative qualities for your lighting solution needs. Its design is more fashionable and functional so that you can use it for virtually any space! Choosing no longer has to be a trade-off between form and function anymore. Here at Canada Lighting Experts we have a large selection of pendant lighting solutions to help illuminate your space or task area.

Pendant Lighting has the option to be in different forms. See what type of pendant lighting design might work for you below:

Mini Pendant Lighting

Mini pendants is ideal to use if you need specific surface areas illuminated or would want an ambience in your space. Mini refers to the shade size that usually has a width of 6 inches or less and the light output will be more centralized on the surface.

Large Pendant Lighting

Large pendants provide more light on a surface and typically have a shade width of 6 inches or more. If you need to cover a surface area with more light, using a large pendant will work for you. If you want to accomplish an ambient setting with large pendants a suggestion would be; try not to choose a pendant that has a shade width larger than 12 inches.

Multi-Light Pendant Lighting

Multi-light pendants are ideal if you want multiple lights connected to 1 power source. Keep in mind that there are different shapes and sizes of canopies. Multi-Light pendants are also stationary to the canopy so you would have to place the fixture accordingly so that it illuminates the surface properly. These types of lights are really ideal if you have only 1 option for power to mount a fixture to. From 1 power source you get the power of 3 lights or more when purchasing a multi-light pendant. Keep in mind you can still be creative with pendant heights on these types of fixtures, just make sure adjustable rods and cord are available.

Bowl Pendant Lighting

Bowl pendants are an interesting design, in that its function is to create ambience and make a statement. Instead of the light output illuminating downward, with bowl pendants their light output illuminates upward. These fixtures are great to use in larger areas with additional lighting and can truly complete your design in the space.

Some of our featured brands that carry Pendant Lighting:

  • Tech Lighting
  • Besa Lighting
  • W.A.C.Lighting
  • Kichler Lighting
  • Forecast Lighting
  • Elk Lighting

Application Tips for Pendant Lighting

Island/Table/Bar Application
Generally the amount of pendants used depends on the size of the surface that needs illumination. A good rule of thumb, is to place each pendant at least a minimum of 16 inches apart center on center to create a sufficient light source on a surface. Center on center simply means at the most center point of the fixture. For example, if you have a surface that is 6 feet in length, then its best to use 3 pendants at 16 inches apart center on center. Take 16 and divide by the length of the surface, if the number is not a whole number than round up (2.6 round up to 3). Just keep in mind the position of the table and the positioning of the pendants when installing so that they all coincide together nicely. Remember more is not always better, the goal is to have a sufficient light source over or in your area

Recommended height to hang a pendant light
Typically, pendant lights should hang between 27 inches to 36 inches above the surface of a counter or island.

Canada Lighting Expert's lighting consultants, with over 30 years of combined experience, are ready and willing to assist you in designing the correct plan tailored to meet your pendant lighting needs. Our vast selection of discounted pendant lighting is matched by unsurpassed customer service that includes real-time customer assistance through our toll free number and the lowest prices on the web with are no duty, tax, brokerage fees! We look forward to meeting all your pendant lighting needs.

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