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Chandelier Lighting

Here at Canada Lighting Experts we carry a wide range of chandeliers and accessories for your lighting needs. We provide a trendy selection of chandelier lighting styles to fit your, Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional home designs. Chandelier Lighting is probably one of the most popular types of lighting for the home. And so here at Canada Lighting Experts we understand that choosing the appropriate chandelier for your space is the most important part for some of your home projects and renovations.

Our chandelier lighting categories also include Swarovski crystal chandeliers, wrought iron chandeliers, modern chandeliers, hand-forged chandeliers and billiard/island lighting. With thousands of styles to choose from, Canada Lighting Experts wants you to have fun in this process and encourage you to pick the chandelier that will make a statement in your space and coordinate with your decor. The ultimate chandelier will provide sufficient lighting and should be a conversational piece.

Dining Room Lighting is an area in the home where a chandelier is most used. Before purchasing a chandelier we would like to provide you with some quick chandelier lighting tips to help you with the process.

Two ways to find the appropriate chandelier width for your Dining Room:

  1. Use the measurement of the dining room to give you the appropriate chandelier width that will fit best. If measuring in feet, take the length of the room and add that to the width of the room. The sum of those two numbers will give you the approximate diameter of your chandelier in inches. So let’s say we have a room that is 12 feet x 12 feet. This means that the chandelier should be roughly 24 inches in diameter to properly fill the space.
  2. Another way to determine the appropriate width of a chandelier over a dining table would be to measure the width of your table. The chandelier width should be approximately 50% of the width of your table. Tip: If you have a rectangular shaped table the width measurement is the shorter side, the length is usually the longer side of the table. An appropriate chandelier hanging height in general, should hang right at 30 inches above a table top. Don’t forget about your ceiling! If you have high ceilings, then increase the hanging height of your chandelier by 1 inch for every additional foot you have that is above 9 Feet.

Need help covering up those non attractive installation holes in your ceiling from installing a chandelier? Here at Canada Lighting Experts we also carry chandelier lighting accessories and ceiling medallions to help you beautify and complete your chandelier lighting.

Remember installing a chandelier is an appealing and effective way of creating a focal point inside your space. Illumination is not their sole function. Chandelier Lighting does much more than that—it creates ambiance.

Canada Lighting Experts understands your lighting needs, but what makes us stand out from the rest of our competition is that, we provide great chandelier lighting prices and ease the stress of your Canadian fees!  We take care of your duty, tax and brokerage fees when shopping for chandelier lighting.

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