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Monorail Track Lighting - Track Lighting - Cable Track Lighting

Track Lighting Systems are no longer designed purely for function, now they are lighting systems designed for every part of the home. Track systems are becoming part of our daily tasks and seen more as part of the design space as well. With new aesthetics and innovations Track Lighting allows the customer to choose from unique options to customize their own track lighting design.

At Canada Lighting Experts we have a wide selection of track lighting systems, components, fixtures and accessories to complete your own lighting system to fit your needs. The great thing about Track Lighting is you’re not limited to the type of fixtures installed on the system! However it is commonly known that you never want to exceed the wattage on a transformer, so be aware of the wattage on your fixtures and the quantity you will be purchasing.

A general rule of thumb so that you don’t overload your transformer is:
Make sure that your transformer is able to support the wattage of your track lighting system. The quantity of fixtures that are going to be used should not exceed the wattage of a transformer’s maximum load. So the total lamp wattage on all your fixtures should always be equal or less than the total wattage of the transformer.

Example: Take a 300 watt transformer and a 50 watt lamp in your lighting system, to figure the quantity of lamps that can be used simply divide the wattage of the transformer by the wattage of the lamp. *A calculation that might help: 300 watt (total load of transformer) ÷ 50 watt (wattage of one lamp) = 6 (the number of lamps that can be used) Or Add up the total wattage on the fixtures you want on your lighting system and make sure to purchase a transformer that will support the load of those fixtures.

The list below are some of our Top Brands that carry Track Lighting Systems

  • W.A.C. Lighting
  • Tech Lighting
  • Tiella Lighting
  • T-Track Lighting
  • Wilmette Lighting

Track Lighting is available in a variety of styles! Learn about the different types of systems available to help design your own track lighting system.

Monorail Track Lighting Systems
Monorail Track Lighting is by far the ultimate design in track lighting because of its flexibility and versatility. Its capability allows it to hang down from the ceiling, off of walls (see wall monorail track lighting), is all hand-bendable, track head fixtures and pendant fixtures to be installed on the same rail and a myriad of space functionality options. Monorail lighting components include: complete monorail track kits, connectors-adapters, track head fixtures, pendant track lighting, power feeds, monorail rail and sections, standoffs-supports, and transformers. Many of the monorail products have dual circuit capabilities, allowing for both ambient and task lighting fixtures on the same track. With 2 circuits, you have two independently controllable, low-voltage circuits on a rail. This means you have control to turn pendants on with the first circuit, and turn track heads off with the second circuit, see our 2 Circuit Monorail Track Lighting category.

Standard Track Lighting - (direct ceiling mounted or attached)
Standard Track Lighting has come a long way in the last 20 years, with multiple fixture and track styles and colors to choose from. This track system is ideal for those homes that have low ceiling heights and restricted space above. Standard Track Lighting components include: track components, standard track heads-fixtures, track sections and we offer complete standard track kits. Standard Track Lighting systems also come with a 2-circuit track option as well.

Cable Lighting Systems
Cable lighting is a great system to use in unique situations, they add drama and elegance to any environment. With cable lighting systems they can be mounted along the ceiling, wall-to-wall, vertically, or form a zigzag design through your space. Cable Lighting components include: cable lengths, cable lighting heads-fixtures, cable lighting pendants, power feeds, standoff-supports, transformer, turnbuckles-connectors and we have available complete cable lighting kits.

Stationary Track Lighting
Canopy mono/Multi Point Lighting is the perfect lighting solution for creating focal points over a reception counter, kitchen counter, or portable bar. Choose a single pendant or multiple pendants off a single canopy. Many of our fixtures come with built-in transformers and mount easily to existing junction boxes.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us with your project requirements and one of our trained specialists here at Canada Lighting Experts will help you customize a track lighting design solution for you. Our vast selection is matched by unsurpassed customer service that includes real-time customer assistance through our toll-free number and the best overall value in the industry. We look forward to meeting all your track lighting needs. And don’t forget we also take care of your duty, tax and brokerage fees when you purchase your track lighting from Canada Lighting Experts.

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